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Avthar’s Weekly Wisdom #25 (10/18/2020)

Hello fellow learners, doers and curious people,

Today I want to talk about what fuels your decisions.

Invisible Scripts

You see, we’re not always aware of why we act or feel the way we do. We have these ‘invisible scripts’ which run in our head as we go about life.

When something happens in our life, the way we react is often as if we’re reading from a script that has been written for us, rather than out of our own will.

Awareness of these scripts helps us better understand what's fueling our decisions and actions. Once we're aware of them we can decide which scripts are useful to us and which one we'd rather discard as they cause more misery than happiness.

How do you become aware of your 'invisible scripts'? By taking inventory of what's fueling your actions and decisions.

Acting from love vs Acting from fear

One way to take inventory of your feelings, actions and decisions is to ask yourself:

"Is this coming from a place of love or from a place of fear?"

This question is one of the most important things I learned from world renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Tony talks about how there's only two places you can live: a beautiful state (love, passion, happiness, joy, decisiveness, passion, creativity, awe, abundance ) or a suffering state (fear, overwhelm, anger, jealousy, resentment, envy, scarcity).

It follows that our invisible scripts either come from love (a beautiful state) or fear (a suffering state).

Here’s an exercise for you:

Go through your major feelings, decisions and actions from the past day/ week/ month.

Are they coming from a place of love? Are they being fueled by gratitude, the expression of your gifts, recognition of opportunities and service for the people around you?

Or are they being fueled by fear? Fear of scarcity, fear of not being enough, fear of not having enough, fear of what other people think, fear of impermanence fear, fear of things being out of your control?

It's important not to judge yourself for the place from which your actions and feelings come. It's not good to act from love and bad to act from fear. It's simply about being aware of which states are serving you in your life which ones are not.


Awareness is the end goal of taking inventory. After becoming aware, you can decide how to proceed.

Ask yourself: "Do you want to act out of that place?"

If so, great, you've now turned an invisible script into a conscious choice. But if not, consider this an opportunity to interrupt your invisible script and choose to act out of love instead of fear.

Again, the takeaway here isn't that acting from love is "good" and acting from "fear" is bad. Sometimes fear is valid -- especially when dealing with the harsh realities of life or when fighting for survival. But many other times, fear is simply the default response and not actually the best fuel for our lives.

My hope is that by taking inventory of the places from which you’re acting, you become aware of which invisible scripts cause you to live in a suffering state and which ones cause you to live in a beautiful state.

Here’s to living from love over fear,


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- Avthar