Everything is a skill

Avthar's Weekly Wisdom #47 (03/21/2021)

Welcome to edition #47 of Avthar's Weekly Wisdom!

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Here's what I want to share with you this week:

  • The success mindset I’d teach every person in the world

  • Why entrepreneurship is not sexy

  • Tools for managing stress and anxiety

  • A song to induce gratitude

🏆 On Self-Mastery —

Everything is a Skill: If I had to teach only one thing about success to every person in the world this would be it. 

The most important thing I’ve ever learned about success is that there are two groups of people in the world: 

Group 1: Those who believe that their level of skill in a subject is fixed

Group 2: Those who believe that their level of skill in a subject can change (go up with practice and use or go down with neglect). 

You want to be part of Group 2. 

Here’s why (plus how you can turn anything into a skill in 4 steps).

🚀 On Entrepreneurship —

Entrepreneurship is NOT sexy: Ghanaian-born American entrepreneur Yaw Owusu-Boahen shares how his glamorous conceptions of being a founder were quickly shattered and how he endured 49 rejections on the way to his first deal.

📚For more hard-won lessons from the startup trenches, I highly recommend What to Read Before Starting a Startup as well as listening to my full conversation with Yaw on YouTube or as a Podcast.

💪 On Health —

Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety: I learned a ton about stress in this masterclass of a podcast by Stanford neuroscience researcher, Dr Andrew Huberman. 

I’m still digesting all the big takeaways, but my favorite lessons were:

  • How to use the physiological sigh to instantly combat stress

  • The three kinds of stress (short, medium and long term) and how short and medium stress actually enhance our immune response

  • How the length of your inhales and exhales affect your heart rate: longer exhales than inhales make you calmer, while longer inhales make your heart beat faster and make you more alert.

🙏 On Happiness —

I’ll end with a song I listened to this week that’s kindled gratitude within me: Love Yourz” by J Cole. 

It’s one of my favorite songs. I first heard it as a freshman (first year) in university. I had been in the USA for barely 4 months at that time and while I was eager to make a ruckus in the world, I felt a little fearful about if things would work out.

As I listened to it again, almost 7 years later, having accomplished almost all the goals that freshman year me was fervently striving toward, it reminded me of the importance of love, family, friends and how you can’t lose sight of them while pursuing your goals and ambitions.

🙏 Thank you for reading and for your support! I wish you a week of happiness, success and peace!

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