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Avthar's Weekly Wisdom #35 (12/27/2020)

Hello fellow learners, doers and curious people!

Welcome to edition #35 of Avthar's Weekly Wisdom!

🔥 This newsletter is where I share practical wisdom about self-mastery, startups, health and happiness, all to help you live better. My goal is for you to discover one thing that can change your life, in a big or small way, every week.

🙏🏽 A special thank you

This newsletter and community of readers was one of my biggest blessings of 2020. What started as a lockdown experiment in April 2020 has quickly grown into a vehicle for learning, improvement and gratitude, for both me and the hundreds who read it every week. I'm thankful for how writing, curating and podcasting has helped me grow as a human, and I’m grateful for the dozens of you who've reached out telling me about how something I’ve published has impacted your lives. I appreciate your support and will strive to be even more helpful through my work in 2021.

🎉 20 of the Best from 2020

Seeing that this is my last newsletter of the year, I want to leave you with 20 of the best from 2020.

This edition contains my top 5 most popular emails and essays, as well as the 5 most clicked links from my newsletters and 5 most downloaded podcast episodes.

For those who've been reading since Edition 1, you'll find old favorites to re-acquiant yourself with. For recent subscribers, you'll discover the best of my ideas, learnings and resources collections from 2020, which you might have missed.

📩 Most popular emails

I sent 35 editions of Avthar's Weekly Wisdom this year, here are the 5 most popular ones:

  1. Why you have your best ideas in the shower

  2. How to Program Your Mind for Fitness

  3. What to read before starting a startup

  4. Top 5 Time Management Tools from a Princeton grad and Learning Coach

  5. 7 Questions to ask before you start a company

💡 Most popular essays

Several emails have turned into long form essays about a topic I'm passionate about. Here are the 5 most popular ones:

  1. Why I don't care what Elon Musk thinks anymore (This article hit #11 on Hacker News)

  2. How to Find Your Strengths: The Ultimate Guide

  3. Vision and Purpose

  4. The Resume is dead. And Content killed It

  5. Self Worth and Mental Health

🔗 Most Clicked Links in 2020

Out of the hundreds of things I've linked to in my newsletters this year, here are the 5 with the most clicks:

  1. The Last Thing You'll Remember

  2. What’s an unpopular thing you believe about management?

  3. Tim Ferriss's End of Year Review Questions

  4. Video I've watched 10+ times this past month — Eric Thomas: Taking Control

  5. Time Management and Prioritization Workshop Handout

🎧 Most popular podcast episodes

I published 34 podcast episodes this year, here are the top 5 most downloaded ones:

  1. The Wise Uncle of Botswana - Ramarea Tumisang - on his journey to 2 degrees from Stanford University, Strategies for success and Remembering who believes in you

  2. The Afro-Asian Re(Vodu)tionary - Sena Voncujovi - on Voodoo in Africa, connecting Africa and Asia, and his entrepreneurial journey

  3. The Biotech Bro - Agustin Zavala - on biotech investing, starting a podcast, the creator journey

  4. Being Consistent and Taking Small Steps

  5. Why gratitude matters in the age of comparison

I've got some wonderful interviews scheduled for 2021, so make sure to subscribe to the Learn with Avthar Podcast to get them first.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey of gratitude, improvement and learning. With you being part of our community of readers, 2021 looks bright!

Wishing you an end to the year filled with happiness, peace and success,


🐦 @avthars


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